Thursday, July 11, 2013

GOODBYE 2 year Hiatus!!! I am back!!! Miss Me???

Hey viewers! I have seen a tremendous amount of views but am saddened that I have neglected this blog for years!!!! Life has been quite a ride, moving back home to Upstate, NY then struggling to find a job and then finding the job and working constantly.  Between work and a social life my art got the backseat.   Well guys I am back!!! New name (Michelle instead of Shelly) and a new tweak on my style. Oh! and get this one I started a new book!!!!!

About three months ago I read an article about people dressing and acting like a mermaid, swimming in the water and wearing tails!   Since I am a huge "Little Mermaid" fan I decided to put pen to paper on some kind of "mermaid" book.  Well no luck on a story but then BAM! A co-worker sends me this video of a cat swimming! All of a sudden the world made sense and an hour later a story was in production!  I will save the details of the story but will say this....a Mermaid girl wants a pet, turns a kitty into a mer-kitty!!!

So as of now I am going to attempt self publishing E-Books.  I love the idea of holding a hard copy of a book but have to keep with the times and keep with the market.  So long story short, here are a few finished colored pages in somewhat of a sequential order.  Sorry about the watermarks but it's for my own protection. ENJOY!

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